Moving single Radolan 1-km grid with extreme precipitation value on to the study area

topic sounds interesting?
I am attaching image below which describes the task which related to my thesis topic and I am facing difficulties in the approach how to achieve it and any ideas and suggestions how to approach this task would be really helpful. I can also give specific details as well.

Thank you very much,
shahidh shaik


I can easily misinterpret your explanation here, but from your previous post you are using the plotting command: plot_radolan(data, meta, radolan_grid_xy, clabel=‘mm * h-1’)

You have this radolan_grid_xy variable, which most probably is a numpy array which allows mathematical operations on it. You could just simply add a constant like grid_xy + 0.2 for all elements or something like grid_xy[..., 0] + 0.2 for one dimension or grid_xy[..., 1] + 0.2 for the other dimension.

If you know the x-y coordinates for the precipitation pixel you could also find the distance from the study area and add this distance to all the coordinates grid.

I am not sure if this is helpful, but seems like if you are allowed to change the coordinates, you could also change the coordinates of study area or just plot the pixel values simply on the known study area (just use the coordinates from study area).

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hey jorahu,
thank you very much for your reply, yeah I kind of did the same thing to by using coordinate transformation mathematical formula and it kind of worked and I am also able to figured it out how to move this rain cell onto the my region of interest by just giving Lat-Long. But, I think I will have to dig little bit deep into it to understand it completely.
thank you very much.