New Pyrad release 1.6.2

Dear all,
We are happy to announce the release of versions 1.6.2 of the conda and pip packages pyrad_mch, pyart_mch and pyrad_arm.


Bug fixes:

changed the number of colors from cmap.N to len(boundaries) โ€“ 1 in get_cmap to avoid colorbar issues with discrete colorbars
fixed a bug that made it impossible to use any other method than main in
set xlim and ylim of grid surface plots to the min/max of user defined lat/lon (this step was missing since the last release)
correction of a bug that did not allow import of pyrad when the metranet library was mssing

New additions:

 change in function process_point_measurement: When Truealt is false input keyword alt is not required and the output alt will be determined by the elevation angle
added new user-defined parameters in VPR correction scheme
modifications to allow to read multiple ODIM files containing parameters and scan
changed keyword add_lines to add_grid_lines to be consistent with Py-ART
new functions to accumulate gridded data and get data at multiple points in a grid
added ODIMGRID keyword to be able to ingest gridded data from ODIM files
added keyword MasterScanTimeTol that allows to combine ODIM files from different scans not having the same nominal time in file name
added the possibility to create Cartesian ODIM outputs with the ODIMPYRADGRID keyword


Bug fixes:

adaptation of the Cython codes of the RSL interface and 4DD to make them run with setuptools
rounding of the angles to a precision of 6 digits in the interpol_field code so we avoid floating point issues in the interpolation range (leads to northernmost ray being empty in some cases)
fixed an issue that was prohibiting ODIM grid files written by pyart to be read by pyart again

New additions:

new functions to accumulated gridded data and get data at multiple points in a grid
addition of a new spatialized VPR function

We will be happy if you report any bug or particular need. Just open a new issue in

Kind regards,

Daniel and Jordi, PIs of the Pyrad project

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