Reflectivity clutter correction

I am working on CFradial2 type nc radar data. I am actually trying to apply glabella approach clutter filter and vulpiani correction on my radar data to produce MAXZ plot. my radar data have DBZ, VEL, Spec. WIdth, ZDR,RHOHV and PHI.

Please help

Hi Adithiy,

You should be able to use"", group = "sweep_0") to read the data, and then you can select the values of all the products, where PHIDP < 179, or RHOHV < 0.9.

vol2 ="", group = "sweep_0")
vol2.PHIDP.max().values, vol2.PHIDP.min().values, vol2.PHIDP.median().values, vol2.PHIDP.std().values
swp = vol2.where((vol2.PHIDP<=179) & (vol2.RHOHV<=0.99)).pipe(wrl.georef.georeference_dataset)
swp['x'] /= 1000
swp['y'] /= 1000
swp['z'] /= 1000
fig = plt.figure(figsize = [10,4])
ax = plt.subplot(121)
swp.PHIDP.plot(x="x", y = "y")
ax = plt.subplot(122)
swp.DBZ.plot(x="x", y = "y", vmin = -10, vmax = 70, cmap = cmap)

You can have a look at the below-attached notebook, where I tried pyart, wradlib and lrose as well.


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