3D Wind Retrivals in Stratiform Precipitation

I have a project where we are specifically interested in smaller-scale vertical velocities within the stratiform portion of a MCS. Right now we have an older DOE ARM data set called CONVV (ARM Research Facility) . However, their confidence flags only apply to convective regions. Does anyone have an idea of what types of multi-doppler wind retrieval thresholds would be reasonable in a stratiform region. Also, we are open to conducting our own multi-doppler retrievals in the stratiform region (we don’t need to use the convv dataset), does anyone have suggestions of software or tools?

@hvagasky I would encourage you to check out these two papers

Which should provide some more background on suitable areas/associated errors one can expect with these retrievals. I am not sure there is a definite threshold here, but rather caveats to keep in mind.

Thanks I will look into these