Add interstates to pyart radar maps

@mgrover1 maybe we need to have this built into pyart since the roads feature provided by cartopy is way to many roads. But here is my hack at getting interstates (e.g., i-90 etc) into my radar maps:


import as shpreader
from cartopy.feature import ShapelyFeature
import as ccrs
import cartopy.feature as cfeature

# Read shape file
reader = shpreader.Reader("./tl_2016_us_primaryroads.shp")
names = []
geoms = []
for rec in reader.records():
    if (rec.attributes['FULLNAME'][0]=='I'):

#make interstate feature
shape_feature = ShapelyFeature(geoms, ccrs.PlateCarree(), edgecolor='darkblue', lw=0.5,facecolor='none')

Then you call it in your plot block like this:



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Thanks for sharing this! I think adding this into one of the toolkits would be great!! An INTERSTATES feature?