CAPPI from DWD volume scans

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to produce CAPPIs from the DWD volume scans (here for the location Essen: Index of /weather/radar/sites/sweep_vol_z/ess/hdf5/filter_polarimetric/ (

The problem is, that the codes that I have found so far (based on wradlib or py-art), only do this for datasets, where all the sweeps are in the same file. Unfortunately DWD provides each sweep in a single .hdf5 file.

Does someone know where I might find a script for this? Or would it make sense to focus on putting all the sweeps in one file and then use the codes that exist?

Best regards and thank you!



There is an example notebook at the wradlib docs. It’s quote complex and might need some shaping, but there you read a complete volume from single dwd files.

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