Compute CAPPI from Météo-France BUFR PPI

Hello, I am a newcomer in the weather radar community and I have to compute CAPPIs starting from PPIs contained in some BUFR files I obtained from Météo-France.
I successfully used decbufr from OPERA to decode one of these files, and I got an ASCII file, which I can read.
Now I am studying the documentation, but I think that the computation of CAPPIs from such a file should be a pretty standard procedure.
I’d like to know of there already is some available software to compute CAPPIs starting from such PPI files.
Can anyone help me?

Hey fruboldi,

here’s a recipe, but it uses hdf5 data.

Recipe #2: Reading and visualizing an ODIM_H5 polar volume — wradlib

Thank you! I am looking at it. At present, a problem I have is to convert from BUFR to HDF5: in principle I could use the program bufr2hdf5 from OPERA. I downloaded the compressed file with the source codes, but I was not yet able to compile it. The problem seems to be the HDF5 library version. The README file of the package “bufr_opera_mf” says that the (old) version of the HDF5 library needed is 1.6.x or 1.8.x. I do have 1.8.16, but it doesn’t work, the “configure” step crashes.
EDIT (2 hours later)
I could compile bufr2hdf5 (I had to provide two different paths for hdf5 includes, subdir src/ and build/).
BUT the program bufr2hdf5 crashed! Saying “Unknown element descriptor” for many of the descriptor codes in the BUFR, even if I had (also) provided the BUFR tables I got from MeteoFrance

Hi @fruboldi,

we are aware of this issue over at xradar implement ODIM BUFR readers · Issue #101 · openradar/xradar · GitHub. Maybe we should really try to implement a BUFR reader directly in xradar instead of working around with old or outdated code.

Using eccodes seems the way to go. Did you have to use special Meteo-France tables? Anyway, this should be discussed at the above GitHub issue.


Yes, I had to use special Meteo-France tables, but this was not enough, see the EDIT above. I wrote to them.
I will definitely go and see the issue at the link you provided, thank you!