Computation of Attenuation Corrected Reflectivity on RHI Dataset

Hi, I want to compute corrected reflectivity (Z_Corr) from the measured reflectivity (Z_m) with summation of the Path Integrated Attenuation (PIA). Here is the equation; Z_Corr = PIA + Z_m. The dataset is an RHI netCDF file format. The original file contains the measured reflectivity (Z_m), while the processed RHI file in netCDF format has the specific attenuation (dB/km) and corrected reflectivity (Zcorr) products. I want to compare the computed corrected reflectivity (Z_Corr) and the processed corrected reflectivity (Zcorr).

So what is the question here? What are you looking for? Sorry for not quite understanding this - some clarification would be helpful.