Creating A CVP (Columnar vertical Profile)

Hello friends,
As a part of my project, I want to produce a Columnar Vertical profile (Ryzkov et al 2020) (Columnar Vertical Profile (CVP) Methodology for Validating Polarimetric Radar Retrievals in Ice Using In Situ Aircraft Measurements in: Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology Volume 37 Issue 9 (2020)). Where instead of QVP (Quasi vertical profile) uses a full scan azimuth over a single elevation. CVP produces a sectoral azimuth average over multiple elevations. I managed to produce QVP and sectoral azimuth averages but faced difficulty to take multiple elevations along a certain azimuth and range, also creating proper height values also. I am also attaching the visual concept of this CVP with this take a look… A python notebook is much appreciated. Thank you

Hi @adithiyrnair ,
Have a look at this code: pyart/ at master · MeteoSwiss/pyart · GitHub
I think you can find there an implementation of what you want.

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Sure thank you @jfigui