Gridding only a single sweep(90 degree)of a PPI scan data using PYART

I needed to check the terminal velocity of hydrometeors at 5 and 3 kilometres. Inorder to do that I have an X band radar PPI data. I needed the data only at 90 degrees so that it gives a zenith looking data and this could give me terminal fall velocity. But i dont know how to grid only a single sweep(90 degree) so that I can get the CAPPI at 5 and 3 kms without the influence of other elevations.Is there anyway I can grid only one sweep?

Thank you in advance

I would suggest using the extract sweeps option to pull out the single sweep you want to work with… if you know it is the last sweep, then it might look something like

# Extract the last sweep
subset = radar.extract_sweeps([-1])

# Grid your radar
grid = ...(subset)

Thank you sir. It works. Really appreciate your help