Is it possible to plot PPI at a particular elevation angle without converting into CAPPI?

I am actually trying to plot PPI at a perticular elevation angle and plot a vertical distribution of rays in wradlib. I am currently using CFRad2 format data . I am attaching a screen shot from a reference paper




Iā€™m assuming you have a volume of PPI sweeps in your datafile and you want to plot as given in the example (PPI, RHI).

It depends on the data how easy or complex this will get.

  1. range resolution is equal in all sweeps
    You might just stack you data along the elevation, so you get an array with shape (elevation, azimuth, range). If you do this with xarray.Dataset you then can easily select different elevations and azimuths for plotting PPI and fake RHI.
  2. range resolution differs between sweeps.
    Align the resolution to greatest common divisor in all sweeps and follow 1 (Caveat: For phase based moments you need to adapt the values according to the aligned range.)

You will need to georeference the data properly in x,y,z and use those coordinates for plotting.

PseudoRHI - Here is the notebook

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