How to plot the graph to a specific location within a certain radius

Hi Kai,
I need one more help. How to plot the graph to a specific location [long, lat] within around 2km radius. This is like zooming. is it possible?

Hi @Muru ,

this fell somehow through the cracks. Maybe you have just found your way through this, but I’ll add some solution anyway.

Referring to the example from Reading Radolan RW files - #8 by kmuehlbauer here it what would come next:

zoom = dsg.sel(x=slice(point_ds.x-2500, point_ds.x+2500), 
               y=slice(point_ds.y-2500, point_ds.y+2500), drop=True)

This takes the x/y-coordinates from the point_ds-Dataset (nearest point to specific lat/lon) and selects a region via slices.


There might be more solutions to this (eg. using xr.where). I encourage the openradar community to add other solutions here.