Problem with snc file

Hi, i’m new here.

I’m trying to plot an scn file exported from a Furuno VR110.

I’m using wradlib 2.0.1, matplotlib 3.8.0 and the code in this example (with some changes):

But the result is an image with some problems. Instead if i use the snc file downloaded from wradlib example page i have no problem (and i have tested snc files from other radars, with no problems too).

Here are the results of my work:

The left image is from my radar, the right one is from wradlib web site.

What could be the problem with my snc file?

Thank you

Hi @giacant,

welcome to openradar.

Hard to say what’s going on. The sector right left to 0 deg looks a bit wrong. Goof chance that your file is somehow broken or you discovered a bug here. Are you able to share the file?


Hi , thank you.

Probably it is a bug. Because the same file, imported in Furuno RainPlay works correctly.

This is the link to the file:


Hi @giacant,

thanks for sharing the file. I can confirm this is actually a bug. Would you mind creating an issue over at xradar Issues · openradar/xradar · GitHub?

It seems that the calculation of the azimuth values is broken for that specific file at these lines:

Azimuth Offset is 35200 in our case. angles hold the actual angles (x 100). Could not spot the root cause, maybe a bit late here already.


Thank you Kai.
i create the issue in github.


Thanks @giacant,

would you mind sharing the image from the Furuno Rainplay Software? Just that we have a correct blueprint :grin:.

Here is what I have now:



Yes i think now is perfect!

Resolved with patch release 0.4.1 xradar · PyPI .

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