Read multiple sweeps into xradar object

I tried the xradar a bit. Do I understand correctly that there is not yet a function to read multiple files at the same time (ie import volume from different sweep files) like the open_mfdataset() in xarray/wradlib. For now, I could only access one file at a time. Or is there a way to efficiently concatenate/merge the datasets from different sweeps? Or is this what the datatree readers are meant for (and I just could not understand how to use it?)?

Eventually, I want to read multiple sweep files into one dataset/radarvolume and export it into odim_h5. I ran into multiple issues with wradlib open_mfdataset(), but as you mentioned, wradlib will move to xradar anyway, so I did not want to make an issue from that. But xradar don’t have (?) a function to import multiple sweep files.

Hi Jorma,

the current implementation is a minimal one. I absolutely agree, that we should provide an example showing how to create a volume from single sweeps. While you are already exploring xradar you might just have a look at the different open_*_datatree (open_odim_datatree) functions and how the DataTree is created. It should be fairly easy to make this work for multiple single sweep files. I’d be happy to help if you are up to issue a PullRequest.