Recommendations for Radar Beam Blocking Problem


I would like help from this communit again!

I have been studying data from the radar that have a beam blocking. You can see in the plots below that I made with py-art and wradlib.

I have tried techniques like AdjustMFB, AdjustMultiply, AdjustAdd, AdjustMixed and ExternalDriftKriging (KDE) using Wradlib.

I was also able to reproduce kriging with radar-based error correction (KRE) as described at

But I was not successful in recovering the locked data.
They can be found here: Here

I’ve been reading about kriging (CoK) and Bayesian (BAY), but I still can’t reproduce it.

I would like help with suggestions for articles, libraries, scripts or any other information you think is important to share.

If you could also share your experiences with this type of problem, I would be very happy to hear it. Learning from experts like you is a unique opportunity.