ANN: wradlib 2.0

Dear Community,

I’m really happy to announce the release of wradlib 2.0 :rocket: . As written in ANN: wradlib 2.0.0 release candidate this was a major undertaking from moving the xarray reading capabilities to xradar — xradar 0.4.0 documentation to close integration of wradlib processing functionality into Xarray documentation.

It was taken care of keeping numpy based processing available and exposing existing and new wradlib functionality by Extending xarray using accessors. Please check the migration-guide for any unexpected changes.

We’ve got the docs back into the main repo :page_facing_up: , revisited the docstrings, checked links :link: and cross-references and also worked :construction_worker_man: over the code with lint and style tools. Finally, the build system :building_construction: was moved to a pyproject.toml only build using Hatch.

Over at GitHub - wradlib/wradlib-notebooks: wradlib jupyter notebooks the wradlib tutorials and examples got a major overhaul and are almost everywhere using the new xarray based processing. From my personal experience this is kind of a game changer: clean code, easy access to the xarray ecosystem and to cloud ready :cloud: processing frameworks, like Dask — Dask documentation.

Check out the latest documentation. We are always happy :heart_eyes: to receive contributions in any form, as there is still much work ahead.

See you around,
On behalf of all wradlib developers and contributors


Congrats @kmuehlbauer !! This is so exciting!! Amazing work!

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