`gt30e060n40.dem' not recognized as a supported file format

RuntimeError: `D:\Wradlib_sama\gt30e060n40.dem’ not recognized as a supported file format.


The error message comes directly from GDAL. Is this file (gt30e060n40.dem) a rasterfile which GDAL can open? Where did you get that file from or how did you create it?

Run the following in a console/terminal to possibly get more information:

(your-environment) $ gdalinfo D:\Wradlib_sama\gt30e060n40.dem

`D:\Wradlib_sama\gt30e060n40.dem’ not recognized as a supported file format.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.22621.2134]
(c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:\Users\HP>cd C:\Users\HP\anaconda3\envs\wradlib\Library\bin
C:\Users\HP\anaconda3\envs\wradlib\Library\bin>gdalinfo D:\Wradlib_sama\gt30e060n40.dem
ERROR 4: `D:\Wradlib_sama\gt30e060n40.dem’ not recognized as a supported file format.
gdalinfo failed - unable to open ‘D:\Wradlib_sama\gt30e060n40.dem’.

Dear @SAMA,

thank you for testing this. Where did you get this file from? Obviously GDAL can’t read it, so wradlib can’t do much about it.

Beam Blockage Calculation using a DEM

Here, we derive (partial) beam-blockage (PBB) from a Digital Elevation Model (DEM).

We require: the local radar setup (site coordinates, number of rays, number of bins, antenna elevation, beamwidth, and range resolution); a DEM with an adequate resolution.

Here we use pre-processed data from the GTOPO30 and SRTM missions.

From this, I got this file:

Thanks @SAMA,

can you provide this file by any means (E-Mail, FTP, cloud storage)? I really want to get behind this but this seems a bit tricky.

Can you also send the output of (in a python interpreter):

import wradlib

I just want to make sure all needed packages are installed properly.


Yes, can you please share the email address.