Open Radar Presentation at AGU Annual Meeting

Hey all,

Here is the draft of my presentation for AGU. Please let me know if people have any comments or suggestions! (@kmuehlbauer @scollis @DanielMichelson @jfigui )

Hej @mgrover1,

Very nice! My suggestions:

  • On the title slide, you can complete my affiliation to read “Environment and Climate Change Canada”, at the expense of one of the two University of Bonns.
  • Slide 4, first bullet under “Activities include”, can you squeeze in “BALTRAD”?
  • Slide 11, at the risk of complicating the description of Version 2, you might add “follows the hierarchical organization of ODIM_H5”.

I have news on the common I/O model that I will share separately.

Thanks, Daniel

Thanks for the suggestions - sorry for leaving those parts out!

@mgrover1 Great read! I’d mention for xradar — xradar 0.0.9.dev19+g5928a10 documentation that it’s also targeted to read the zoo of radar formats into the new structure.

Thats the plan - thanks for the clarification @kmuehlbauer . Slide 12 will dig into xradar/I will explain how xradar represents the cfradial2 data model!

Nice presentation. I did a couple of comments directly on google docs

Thanks @jfigui ! I appreciate the feedback.