PyDDA 2.0 is released: Moving to xarray for data structure

PyDDA is moving to an Xarray-based data structure (a PyDDA Grid) for all of its retrievals. This will make it easier for PyDDA to take in any xarray-based dataset as inputs. In addition, we are now also using xarray DataTrees to support grid nesting using a tree structure. Documentation and examples on this nesting have been added to the user guide and example gallery.

The migration of your code to PyDDA 2.0 will involve small changes to the pipeline. Instead of using to read your grid, simply use! In addition, you can convert a PyART Grid to a PyDDA Grid) by using


Great news Bobby @rcjackson,

fantastic work, this feature was eagerly awaited in our group. :tada: Congratulations to all people involved!


Agreed!! Great work @rcjackson - congratulations!!