Pydda output grids to netcdf

Hi all
I am working with Pydda for dual Doppler analysis. I want to write pydda output grids (a list of size 2) to NetCDF file using, so that it would be easy to plot after analysis but is not working.
but is easily written to NetCDF if the grid is core.grid.Grid
Any suggestion to write Pydda output grids to NetCDF?

So I would suggest updating to PyDDA 2.0. I just fixed the issue where the conda install for that was not working, so you should be able to do a conda install. The reason for trying this new version is that the PyDDA Grid structure in this version is now based on xarray, so standard xarray functionality will work for PyDDA Grids.

In PyDDA 1.x, the retrieval function returns a list of grids, so you would have to save each one of them to netCDF.

Thank you very much for your suggestion… Sorry I got delay in response…