Rename a variable name in a DataTree

I am using the xradar package to read gamic radars files
dtree =
Working well

How can I rename a variable name within the datatree ?

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I’m assuming you are referring to radar moment variables, like DBZH. For a dtree with subgroup sweep_0 this would be:

dtree["sweep_0"] = dtree["sweep_0"].rename({"DBZH": "DBZH_CHANGED"})

This is essentially overwriting that specific Datatree Node.

If you have a DataTree with several subgroups (eg. volume) and you want to do the renaming for all subgroups the following will work:

def rename(ds, mapping):
    # drop names, which are not in current Dataset
    mdict = {k:v for k,v in mapping.items() if k in ds}
    return ds.rename(mdict)

# inplace
dtree.map_over_subtree_inplace(rename, {"DBZH":"DBZH_CHANGED"})

# assign new tree
dtree = dtree.map_over_subtree(rename, {"DBZH":"DBZH_CHANGED"})

If you want to read more about datatree capabilities in particular please head over to As datatree is using much of xarray that is also a good point of reading

Both suggested solutions are working very well for me

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