Static Clutter Map Generation

Hello. I am working to recreate a methodology suggested in a publication [Crisologo et al. (2015)] which uses static clutter map derived under clear map conditions in a period from May 20 to 30, 2012. Can someone please explain which method is utilized to develop static clutter map (CMAP) while applying fuzzy echo classification for removal of non meteorological echoes? I will be very grateful to you. Thanks in advance

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I’m assuming you refer to this paper Polarimetric rainfall retrieval from a C-Band weather radar in a tropical environment (The Philippines) | SpringerLink. To answer your question there are many methods to create clutter maps.

  • from digital elevation map and beam propagation functions
  • from accumulation of raw reflectivity data over several days/month (heuristic clutter detection)
  • from echo continuity and minimum echo area (Gabella)
  • tbc

The above immediately come to mind. I’m encouraging others to extend that list.

As the used method to derive static clutter map is not exactly described in the paper you might just choose one of the above. Depending on the availability of data you might start with the Gabella approach (Clutter detection using the Gabella approach — wradlib) or the heuristic approach (Heuristic clutter detection based on distribution properties (“histo cut”) — wradlib).

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Thank you sir. Very grateful for your reply. I am using Gabella approach to derive the static clutter map. The doubt I have is that the static map generated by Gabella methodology in Wradlib workflow contains reflectivity values and is not for clear air echoes (the publication mentions otherwise). Just wanted to know if it is fine? Or I need to add something else.

Gabella approach generally works on single timesteps for sweeps with and without precipitation. The heuristic approach should also work for accumulations in clear air periods as well as precipitation periods.

If you have data covering clear air as well as precipitation you could check if that makes any difference in the created clutter maps.

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