Welcome to Open Radar Discourse

At a developer meeting held in the course of the ERAD2022 conference in Locarno, Switzerland, future plans and cross-package collaboration of the openradarscience community were intensively discussed.

Bringing together the different venues for discussion was identified as one of the main issues. Until now, mailing lists, direct email, GitHub discussions and other were used by the openradar projects and knowledge was fragmented through these different channels. This knowledge and expertise will now be bundled here in the future. The free plan of Discourse gives us the necessary jump start to achieve this goal. We are very pleased and grateful to be part of the free discourse community.

In openradar discourse all things related to weather radar in the broadest sense and open source software in the narrowest sense can be discussed. The openradar community is welcoming and inclusive. Open software, open science and open data are promoted here.