ANN: ERAD2022 Open Radar Short Course Survey Results

Dear All,

after the ERAD 2022 Open Radar Shortcourse the attendees where asked to participate in a survey. And here are the results ERAD2022 Open radar software survey - SurveyMonkey Dashboard.

Additional comments which have been issued:

Q1: perhaps somewhere in between academy and industry as I work for a government lab

Q2: As a public agency, it has been required to abandon software under license

Q4: The structure of the course was well planned. Very interesting idea of looking at individual sofware and, then, how you can combine them. The time was too short to understand all the software presented. Beyond the connection problems, which did not help, I found it difficult to follow the explanations and, simultaneously try out the notebooks.

Q5: The presentations and notebooks were well prepared, but, as mentioned above, there was not enough time to be able to independently try out what we had just heard.

Q8: My goal was to understand, in addition to the software I already use, what options are available to those who have to work with radar data, both from an operational and research perspective.

Q9: Unfortunately, it is not so easy for me to contribute.

really enjoyed the course and the material presented which gave me a very nice overview of the topic and a nice material resource. The examples (notebooks) presented were also very valuable and interesting. Having maybe a bit more time to go through the different examples that were presented would have been nice to better understand the specificities of each library and their differences. Thanks again for the nice course!
I would recommend it to future students, academics, etc.
The course really touched on so many aspects and so many possible software available. The amount of information was really great and not enough time to fully digest and understand everything.

Thanks to Daniel Wolfensberger (Meteo Swiss) and Jordi Figueras i Ventura (Meteo France) for setting up this survey!

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