AMS 40th Radar Conference Open Radar Short Course

Hi folks,

I wanted to start a discussion regarding an Open Radar Short Course (or something similar) at the 40th AMS Radar Conference in Aug/Sep 2023. I spoke to Scott Collis and am planning to work with Max on exactly what we want to focus the course on. We can make this a sounding board to further get a sense of what folks liked about ERAD22’s course, as well as the upcoming AMS Annual course. I look forward to working with you!

-Jim Kurdzo, Co-Chair of the AMS 40th Conference on Radar Meteorology (2023)


Thanks for posting this here @jmkurdzo ! I figured it would be helpful to link to good existing material/feedback from previous courses.

Here is the content we had for the recent ERAD short course

And the survey responses from that course

It would be great to coordinate with @kmuehlbauer @DanielMichelson and others who participated in the recent short course.

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Hi all,

Count me in for the course, although it is not yet 100% sure if I will be able to travel.


I’m pretty sure I’ll not be able to show up in person at AMS Radar Conference. But you can count on me to help in preparation of the course.

I especially like the fact that the previous short course covered both the Py-ART (DOE) and LROSE (NSF) ecosystems.

You’ll have a mixture of attendees who come from widely varying backgrounds and ability levels. With the large footprint of the radar conference, it might make sense to divide the short course up into “beginner” and “advanced” modules.

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Hi there,

Not sure I will be able to attend but I sure am willing to give a hand,

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I too am not sure whether I’ll be able to attend, but I would like BALTRAD to be represented at the course. Hoping I can find a younger talent who can step in for me. In the meantime, please count me in.

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