Will Pyart or Wradlib packages takecare of add_factor scale_factor automatically of an NC file?

I am trying to plot Some Cappi and Max-Z plots of some of The polar data. But for Some fields, the values look very strange, especially for PHIDP values. Although the range should be from 0 to 360. Even a continuous sweep for 11 elevations the value should be 3960 but the value showing is 5800. I came to know that about nc file’s Scale and add factor. The dependencies for wradlb and pyart are Xarray and netcd4 respectively.

So my question is will they take care of these factors automatically or do we manually need to add this while calling…, ???


In general Py-ART will take care of that scale/offset by design. For wradlib it depends on if you use the new xarray backends, where scale/offset is taken care of, or the numpy-based readers. There you will have to take care of that by yourself.

So it would be great, if you can provide some code snippets, how you read the data. With that we might be able to give a more detailed answer.

the xarray version is actually the latest one 2022.11.0