Wradlib installed old version 0.3.0

Hello I installed wradlib following the instructions at
https://docs.wradlib.org/en/latest/installation.html on a desktop computer running Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS.
First I installed anaconda, then I followed all the steps listed. Everything appeared successful, but after initializing conda and activating and installing wradlib, launching python (ok version 3.11.6) and issuing the command “import wradlib” I obtained “0.3.0” as the wradlib version instead of a version at least “2.0.0”, which I expected (wradlib 2.0 is what is documented on docs.wradlib.org).
How to upgrade to 2.0 ?

Hi @fruboldi,

What is the output of

import wradlib

There might be a stale debug print statement left somewhere in the code which finds it’s way on screen.

  • Kai

Hi @kmuehlbauer you are right, thank you!
In fact:

>>> print(wradlib.__version__)

So installation was ok after all.
Thank you again

Sorry for the confusion here! We just cut a new release of cmweather which should resolve the issue.

Thanks @mgrover1, much appreciated! :+1: